Combining Cosmetic Procedures Can Take Years Off Your Age

By Carolynn Grimes, If you’re like most people of a certain age, you probably have a couple of issues going on with your skin that make you look older and tired.

By Carolynn Grimes,

If you’re like most people of a certain age, you probably have a couple of issues going on with your skin that make you look older and tired. As we age, some of the most common signs of facial aging are uneven skin pigmentation, broken capillaries, facial sagging, and fine lines and wrinkles.

It’s time to make some changes and look better, but how do you know who to trust, which devices work, and what to treat first? We interviewed top dermatologists to find out the answers.

Take Advice from a Board-Certified Dermatologist
No more guessing and wasting money on products and devices that don’t work. A board-certified dermatologist can put a comprehensive plan together for you. They have the knowledge, the experience, and a variety of devices and treatments that can address most all skin conditions.

Dr. Emil Tanghetti, a board-certified dermatologist from the Center for Dermatology and Laser Surgery in Sacramento, California, says don’t get caught up in the marketing hype.

“You have to understand the marketing that you see in the media, it pervades everything and actually is very confusing,” explains Tanghetti. “What you really want to do is find someone who understands drugs, understands devices, and understands cosmeceuticals.”

Combining Treatments
Botox, fillers, lasers or light treatments – a combination tailored to your issues is the most efficient way to reach your goals.

“The hard part about it is, how do you as an individual, differentiate all these products in the marketplace with what works and what works best together? Using one or the other is often not quite good enough,” continues Tanghetti. “Having the expertise to know how to put them all together is very important because you can do better with combinations of things than just one aspect of treatment.”

A board-certified dermatologist from Baltimore, Maryland, Dr. Margaret Weiss of Maryland Dermatology Laser Skin & Vein, agrees and says combining treatments is the newest approach to facial rejuvenation.

“We have combination approaches where people can have different kinds of skin treatments in one day that don’t have much recovery time but can help address unwanted blood vessels, large pores, brown spots, fine lines, wrinkles, and folds in the skin,” explains Weiss.

Big Results, Little Downtime
The emphasis these days is on results but with little to no downtime. Dermatologists know you’re busy and know most people don’t have time to take off from work and their daily activities. Research shows patients are more willing to move forward with a procedure if the recovery time is minimal.

Today, with all the advancements in the field of aesthetics, many feel there has never been a better time to invest in looking your best.

“We want to help people achieve natural and affordable results and still get back to work or their routines quickly,” says Weiss.

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