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Steven Meeks, PA-C

Steven Meeks is a licensed and certified physician assistant. Learn more about his background.


Medical, Surgical & Cosmetic Dermatology

Steven Meeks, PA-C, CAQ-Derm, DMS, MBA, born into an Air Force family, spent much of his formative years in the heart of the Midwest, in a rural town in central Illinois, where the now-closed Chanute US Air Force Base was an important part of his community. After completing his secondary education, Steven embarked on an academic journey that would ultimately redefine his professional trajectory.

Following his undergraduate degree, Steven transitioned to Fort Wayne, Indiana, where he immersed himself in the realm of finance, contributing his skills to a prominent Fortune 500 company engaged in national defense contracting. Concurrently, he pursued higher education, earning an MBA from Indiana University. However, amidst his professional ascent, a personal matter emerged as his sister faced a daunting battle with cancer.

This profound experience ignited a reevaluation of Steven’s life goals, leading him to discover an unanticipated passion for medicine. Inspired by encounters with healthcare professionals during his sister’s treatment, he embarked on a journey of self-discovery, balancing finance work with moonlighting in the emergency room and diligently completing pre-med coursework. Ultimately, his path led them to choose the role of Physician Assistant, aligning with his intrinsic desire to make a tangible difference in patients’ lives.

Acceptance into the PA program at Butler University marked a pivotal moment in Steven’s journey, culminating in graduation in the spring of 2016. With an eagerness to specialize in dermatology, Steven pursued further qualifications and experiences to enrich his practice.

In his professional practice, Steven finds fulfillment in medical, surgical, and cosmetic dermatology, leveraging his expertise to address a wide array of skin conditions and empower patients toward optimal health and confidence.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Steven enjoys travel, outdoor pursuits, fitness activities, and quality time with loved ones. He’s also a big fan of competitive reality television, harboring dreams of participating in shows like Survivor or Big Brother.

Education & Training

  • Doctorate of Medical Sciences, Butler University
  • Master of Physician Assistant Studies, Butler University
  • Master of Business Administration, Indiana University
  • Bachelor of Health Sciences, Butler University
  • Bachelor of Science in Business, Finance concentration, Eastern Illinois University

Certificates and Memberships

  • Certificate of Additional Qualifications in Dermatology (CAQ-Derm)
  • Society of Dermatology Physician Associates Diplomate Fellow (2018)
  • Member of the Society of Dermatology Physician Associates, American Academy of Physician Associates, California Academy of Physician Associates

Career Highlights

  • One of only 27 Dermatology PAs nationwide to obtain the Inaugural Certificate of Additional Qualifications in Dermatology (CAQ-Derm) through standardized testing in 2023
  • Completion of the SDPA Diplomate Fellow program in 2018

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