For past 20 years, Dr. Tanghetti and the staff of The Center for Dermatology and Laser Surgery have been giving back to the community through a partnership with the California Department of Juvenile Justice (previously the California Youth Authority) tattoo removal program. Dr. Tanghetti provides free tattoo removal services to young people desiring to disassociate themselves from the gang lifestyle and increase their educational and career opportunities.

The tattoo removal program is accountability based and requires each participant to complete 24 hours of community service and demonstrate participation in one of the following areas: employment, vocational program or school. Hundreds of young adults in the greater Sacramento area and surrounding counties have been helped by the program over the two decades of Dr. Tanghetti’s involvement.

“If youth are operating with impediments — whether it be tattoos, education, speech — they are operating at a disadvantage,” said Tanghetti. “I just like to see everyone have a fair chance at life.”