Dr. Tanghetti was asked to give a lecture at the Fundamental of Laser Surgery Course at the Annual American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery meeting in Florida. His lecture explored the histological changes in the skin that occur with aging. He highlighted that chronic sun-damaged and aged skin is associated with loss of dermal collagen and elastic tissue, which results in a loss of volume that is manifested as wrinkling. He also highlighted that the skin is thinner on the neck than anywhere else in the body including the eyelids. Therefore, laser surgeons should be especially careful on the neck where aggressive settings can result in scarring.

He also discussed the use of fillers and toxins with laser and light devices. He highlighted that many of the new fillers, such as Belotero, are truly dermal fillers which can be damaged by some of our fractional laser and light devices. He also discouraged the concurrent use of Botox during the same visit where laser procedures are done and result in significant swelling. This could lead to a redistribution of toxin or Botox, as well as unwanted side effects.

Finally, in that same lecture, he presented a thorough discussion of photodynamic therapy. He pointed out that in the US only the treatment of AK is FDA approved. He also highlighted the use of this type of therapy for acne and skin cancers, such as superficial BCC and Bowens’ disease. In concluding, he discussed the usefulness of topical retinoids, such as Refissa, Re-Affirm and Tretinoin, for the treatment of sun-damaged skin. There is good scientific data to support their utility and an FDA approval for their use in the treatment of sun-damaged skin.