We take pride in our expertise in the treatment of sun-damaged skin, also referred to as photo-damaged skin.* This condition is characterized by freckles, mottled hyperpigmentation, fine wrinkles, larger coarser wrinkles and, in more advanced cases, solar elastosis which appears as a waxy, textural change of the skin.

Treatments Sun Damaged Skin


For this condition, our medical research centers around the use of topical retinoids. We find these agents useful by themselves or as adjuncts to laser and light therapy.* Our staff has a great deal of experience and many resources to assist you in utilizing these agents.


When topical agents are not successful, we have many devices that can be utilized to address specific issues associated with sun-damaged skin.*

For mottled hyperpigmentation and freckling, we have the Palomar ICON IPL, which successfully diminishes areas of abnormal pigmentation.* Slight crusting, lasting a number of days, is seen after the treatment. One to three treatments are often sufficient to address this issue.*

For fine and course lines we have a number of non-ablative fractional devices.* Some people refer to these as “Fraxel”. These are all similar devices which remove the sun-damaged collagen in the deeper structures of the skin.* We often advise topical anesthetics prior to this procedure. Slight redness and swelling can occur for up to 24 hours after the procedure. Typically 3-4 treatments are necessary to achieve full outcome potential.* We also use this technology to treat acne scars.* We have done extensive research on this technology and we invite you to visit our photo gallery to view before and after pictures.

Finally, for the most severe cases of sun damage, we have a Fractional C02 device referred to as the Affirm C02.* The down time after treatment is typically 3-6 days. During this period, redness and oozing occur and are treated with an intensive topical regime.

Please contact our office to schedule a consultation to discuss your sun damaged skin and customized treatment plan.