In the western United States allergic contact dermatitis to poison oak is common. The dermatitis is red, swollen, and often very itchy. It often appears in a linear distribution suggesting a casual contact by body movement. Occasionally this type of dermatitis can blister. A hot shower with soap and water will adequately wash the poison oak resin off the body.* Washing the clothes in hot water and detergent is recommended to prevent further exposure.* The treatment with antihistamines, potent topical steroids and sometimes a 2-3 week course of prednisone is indicated.*

In some individuals a red papular or bumpy dermatitis can appear on the trunk and extremities as a result of a drug reaction. These are usually seen in adult patients on multiple medications. The most common in our practice are the ace-inhibitors such as Lisinopril.* In children and adults antibiotic reactions especially from penicillins and sulfas can appear in a similar manner.* Withdrawal of the offending agent is essential as well as the use of topical steroids and moisturizers.*