Facial Vessel and Blood Vessel Abnormalities

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Our center is one of the leading research centers in the world on the treatment of vascular lesions. We encourage you to visit our publications site to educate yourself about the many and varied aspects of our research and clinical studies. Facial blood vessels, also known as facial telangiectasia, are the most common blood vessel problem on the face. Telangiectasia is characterized by redness and dilated or enlarged blood vessels. It is often difficult to conceal even with makeup. This condition can occur on its own or can be associated with rosacea. We have many devices to treat dilated blood vessels.

The Pulsed Dye Laser (PDL) has been the most used device to treat this condition.* Treatments can be associated with slight bruising lasting a few days. In patients with more severe involvement there sometimes can be associated swelling lasting only a few days. One treatment typically results in about a 50-85% improvement.* Our research on improving this technology resulted in the new Cynergy laser. This combines the use of a PDL at 595nm with a Nd-Yag laser. While useful for facial telangiectasia, this device is especially helpful for blebbed port wine stains and other vascular abnormalities.* We have a great deal of experience treating port wine stains. The PDL is currently the treatment of choice for this problem.*

Recently, we have done basic clinical research on a new, high-powered Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) device referred to as the Max G. This device is effective for treating facial vessels. One of our recent publications shows that this new device is equal in efficacy to the PDL. We invite you to visit our photo gallery to see before and after pictures of our patients treated with all of these devices.

Sclerotherapy for Leg Veins
(referred to as Spider Veins)

Currently, sclerotherapy is the treatment of choice for leg veins.* Lasers and light devices also are helpful for this problem. We have a great deal of experience in using the Cynergy laser. Improvement that is comparable to that seen with sclerotherapy can be seen using the Cynergy laser on appropriate vessels.* We are also doing research on the IPL Max G device for this problem and our results are encouraging.

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