You can now improve the look of wrinkles and fine lines while maintaining your natural appearance.* For smoothing deep set laugh lines, look no further than Restylane Defyne.*

Restylane Defyne was specifically developed to address the marionette lines, which run vertically from the bottom corners of the mouth down the chin, and nasolabial folds, which move vertically from your nose to the corners of the mouth.* While these wrinkles result naturally from skin laxity and the repeated use of our muscles from smiling, laughing and frowning over the years, they may cause us to look older than we actually are or more aged in appearance. With Restylane Defyne, you can lose the lines while keeping your natural-looking expressions.*

Restylane Defyne is different from other fillers because it gives you a more natural-looking result than previously thought possible.* The hyaluronic acid in this filler utilizes new technology called XpresHAn, which allows for more flexibility so that the gel moves naturally with the skin as you move your face. This presents a soft and natural look that is not puffy, emotionless or stiff.*

Results can last for 12 months, but your doctor may recommend injections twice a year to keep things looking smooth.* Restylane Defyne has been used in Europe under the name Emervel for over six years.

Restylane Defyne

What it’s used for:

To smooth deep set laugh lines that are more pronounced (marionette lines and nasolabial folds).*


Smoothing deep wrinkles with Defyne creates a more youthful and approachable appearance while also maintaining natural facial expressions and avoiding drastic or stiff results.*
For treating fine, superficial lines, your physician may recommend using Restylane Refyne in place of or in combination with Restylane Defyne.*

How are Refyne and Defyne different?

Refyne is a less firm filler and is used at a more superficial level, while Defyne is intended to target the deep set wrinkles and is injected at a deeper level beneath the skin.*
Clinical study results show that 97% of subjects were satisfied with their treatment results and would do the treatment again.*
If you think you would benefit from Restylane Defyne and would like to learn more, contact us for a consultation!

*This was a multicenter, noncooperative trial of subjects aged 35-65 years (N=63). Subjects were evaluated based on the perception of the naturalness of facial expressions in motion after 1 month of Restylane Refyne and Restylane Defyne optimal treatment.