Infections are a common cause of rashes and often appear fairly well localized to exposed areas such as the face, hands, or trunk. They often are painful and not itchy. Impetigo is the most common infection. It is particularly common on children’s faces, but can occur anywhere. It is characterized by an often weepy, crusted rash that spreads over a number of days. This most commonly is from staph aureus. While milder forms of this can be treated with topical agents such as mupirocin, most infections are best treated with an oral antibiotic that targets staph aureus.* A red, pussy eruption that often takes the form of pimples on the trunk can be seen in patients who have recently used a hot tub. This is commonly referred to as hot tub dermatitis and results from pseudomonas aeruginosa. It is best treated by gentle cleansing and may require an oral antibiotic.*