The Center for Dermatology and Laser Surgery was originally established in 1981 by Emil A. Tanghetti, M.D. as a practice solely devoted to diseases and surgeries of the skin. As his practice has expanded over the past three decades, so has the range of services Dr. Tanghetti now offers. Lead by Dr. Tanghetti, the medical staff includes Physician Assistant, Stacy Williams, Laser Nurse, Heidi Whitney, Injection Nurse, Kathy Lemoine, Laser & Injection Nurse, Amanda Knox and Estheticians Brynn Gilbert and Elizabeth Hayes, to assure your procedures are performed and supervised by qualified medical personnel. We welcome the opportunity to discuss with you some of the services we provide.

The Center for Dermatology and Laser Surgery was one of the first centers to introduce lasers into an office-based practice in 1994. Our facility currently has a number of lasers which we use to treat vascular lesions, wrinkles, unwanted hair, tattoo removal, sun damage and other dermatologic problems.

We have a commitment to ongoing clinical research to provide state-of-the-art treatment by well-trained professional staff. Our center has published numerous articles based on studies that we have conducted with our own lasers as well as medications for a host of dermatologic conditions. Our facility is also committed to community service and for several years we have been privileged to participate in the removal of unwanted gang-related tattoos for the California Youth Authority and multiple other programs. Dr. Tanghetti has been honored with the “Heroes in Healthcare” award for his community service for these tattoo removal programs.


Our Core Values

  1. Deliver WOW service –  Positive, passionate, and determined individuals providing quality patient-focused medical care.
  1. Service oriented commitment to effective and innovative treatments driven by integrity and education.
  1. Team environment and support – Respect and compassion for patients and peers building open and honest relationships with communication.
  1. Continuous Improvement – Welcoming feedback provided to help us improve.